Day in the Life: Jake Grade 12

Morning – Arrival
I drop my sister off at the Middle School and proceed to the Senior Parking Lot, where I park my car for the day. I walk into school with my friends. We talk about any upcoming sporting events or other activities on campus until our first period begins. Today is an A Day in our cycle. Over the course of the eight-day rotation, my classes occur at different times of the day.
Morning – IB Spanish HL Year II
I walk up the stairs into my first period class, Español con Profesora Seiden. Sitting with Susy, we do different group projects and then present them on the SmartBoard through AppleTV. We just project our work right from our laptops for the entire class to see! I am always jotting down new vocabulary to use.
Morning – Advisory
My advisor, Mr. Brown, is easily the most energetic person on campus. I have been with the same 15 students, every day, for the past 4 years, for 10 minutes every day. Mr. Brown reads the announcements for the day, we socialize, and then Mr. Brown checks up on each of us to make sure our week is going well.
Morning – IB Biology SL Year II
The second period of every day is called our block period. Today, I have biology and we are doing an experiment. We use the block period for our experiments so we have enough time to setup, complete the experiment, then cleanup. The lab is on diseases and we must test vials of chemicals to determine which person is Patient Zero. That is the person/vial that first spread the ‘disease’.
Morning – IB English HL Year 2
Dr. Lalibertie has planned for my class to go outside to the Chickee Chapel and read. With the weather as perfect as it is today, there is no better place to learn! I am anticipating the video conference that Mr. L has coordinated with the author of the last book we read, Alibis.
Morning – IB Film SL
This is the one class that recurs everyday without changing the time. As we begin to edit our videos, Mrs. Lodato walks around the video lab to answer any questions about the software. This is by far my favorite classroom because of the green screen and control room. Tomorrow, I’ll be anchoring our latest segment of ‘Scots News!’ that will air during advisory.
Afternoon – Lunch / Break Time
For lunch everyday, there is a full deli bar, full salad bar, hot foods, cold foods, pizza and pasta! I usually eat outside on the deck with friends. After I finish lunch, I head over to the Senior Benches to relax and hang out before my next period. If I need to meet with a teacher, meetings over lunch work well!
Afternoon – IB Math SL Year 2
Today, we are using a flipped classroom! Mr. Fisher uses this method on occasion. That means that he handed out the notes yesterday; we must teach ourselves the notes thru a pre-recorded presentation he posted to MySA. Then today we spend the entirety of class asking questions!
Afternoon – IB History of the Americas HL Year 2
We took out our homework as Mr. Pursel walked around and checked to see that each student did his or her part. After that, we took notes on today’s lesson, the Bay of Pigs Invasion. I stayed after class for my Student Council meeting; Mr. Pursel is also our Administrator Liaison to the Student Council.
Afternoon – Student Council Meeting
On the Agenda today is the All-School Pep Rally that will be happening next week. Student Council must plan, execute, and take down the event. As Senior Class President, I am working with three other students to make sure all teachers and students are aware of the schedule for the day.
Afternoon – Soccer Practice
We meet at the pavilion next to the practice fields. As the team captain this year, I begin team stretching and then help the coaches run practice. As a team leader, it is my obligation to be on time and attentive. We have a light practice today because tomorrow is gameday!

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