生活中的一天:梅勒妮- 12年级寄宿

我的闹钟在太阳升起前的5点15分把我叫醒, 我准备在达夫·泰勒水上运动中心练习. As I pull into the campus, I wave to the Security Guard who greets me each morning with a smile. I walk onto the pool deck at 5:30 and put on my goggles and get ready to swim. 我的训练从热身开始, then “the main set” and continues with drills that are meant to elevate my performance to the next level. I always look forward to the moment we take each practice to watch the sunrise in the distance - it is literally one of the most picturesque spots on campus. After I shower and change, I head to breakfast at Mariani Great Hall. 
这是一门非常重要的课程. It’s not often in life that you discuss the morality and ethics of everyday decisions. The class helps my classmates and I develop our moral compass. 我向史密斯先生说早上好. Toth and then wait for the story or ethical problem we will tackle that day. The class is often organized using the Harkness Method which is a way of learning that encourages students to facilitate discussion in an open-minded format that involves idea-sharing and active listening. 
B期- IB英语HL二年级
我爱博士. 佩恩——我的英语老师. 她对这一学科的热情很有感染力. We discuss the prior night’s reading or practice a skill that will be useful on the IB exam. We analyze prose and poetry and identify techniques the author uses to make their writing effective. André Aciman’s contemplative memoirs have really pushed me to consider my own perspective and the reality of others. 
我有先生. 麦卡洛已经两年了, and it’s truly special to walk in each day and have familiarity and sense of comfort with my teacher and peers as we tackle some of the toughest mathematical concepts that any high schooler encounters. It’s amazing each day, not only learning math but understanding the proofs behind each concept. One exploration we are doing today involves delving into Kepler’s laws and the reason behind his mathematical theories.  
The first thing I do is look for my team when I walk into Mariani. Then I head over to the salad bar and fill my plate with food I know will the best fuel for competing. 作为游泳和水球队的队长, I look forward to building camaraderie of my teammates during lunch. We talk about how our day is going, but also bond over looking ahead to upcoming events and meets. We spent three weeks plotting and planning ways to make our upcoming trip to States memorable as well as successful such as all wearing light-up shoes. 它工作! 女子队在全州总排名第二, and the boys placed in the top three in relays - all super successful outcomes. 
D期- AP生物学
我爱科学. 了解生活背后的科学是令人惊奇的. 今天澳门皇冠贵宾会APP学习细胞呼吸, and basically how we convert our food into fuel for our bodies. Every day that I’m in AP Biology, I consider a field down the road in medicine. 
E期- IB西班牙语HL二年级 
塞登教授太棒了. 我每天都期待着这门课! The small class size really brings us together and allows us to be completely immersed in the Spanish language and culture. I use what I learn in this class during practice and when I hang out with my Spanish speaking teammates from all over the world - one from Spain, 两个来自墨西哥, 一个来自秘鲁...
在我的空闲时间里,我想完成的事情太多了. As a member of the Honor Board, I use this time to hang up posters or meet with Ms. Gettig. 上周是荣誉周,这在校园可是件大事. It often is a time for me to connect with my coaches and strategize for upcoming events. But it’s also a time for me to get ahead on homework and free up my weekends for competitions and extracurriculars. 的博士. Albert Cohen Family Center for Entrepreneurship is a great space for studying.    
G时期- AP计算机科学 
现在我被约翰霍普金斯大学录取了, I am considering taking advantage of their dual major option. 除了医学, 我想主修计算机科学, 这也是我每天都期待这门课的原因之一. I enjoy being able to code and understand the science and principles behind the digital world. We are learning java as a coding language - and by the end of the year, I will be able to digitally generate anything I can imagine. 
 As a member of the Honor Board, it is my job to assist the school to uphold a core value of honor. The 16 students members of the Honor Board and I create videos, 为集会和咨询计划未来的事件, and discuss ways communication between teachers and students. One of our major goals is to teach students while in their high school years the importance of honor and integrity in their academic pursuits so that they learn these important lessons now before they enter the high stakes environment of college. 
力量训练- 4 -5点
I meet up with my teammates and we each open our “Bridge” Training Application on our phones. This app allows us to input our physical state including daily hydration, nutrition and hours of sleep so it can design personalized work for each athlete. 今天对我来说是考验的一天. I have to complete as many push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups as possible in one minute. 
水球练习:5:30 - 7:00
I walk on the pool deck and greet my coach, and every day give him a firm handshake. He tells us the plan for practices, which usually consists of swimming and drills. 澳门皇冠贵宾会APP在训练澳门皇冠贵宾会APP的投篮和传球技术以及比赛智商. As an attacker, I develop strong plays that result in a high volume of goals for the team.  I always look forward to the competitiveness of the games and the celebrations after big wins. 


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